Join Our Network

Exclusive invite: We invite only select number of homes to our ménage getaways network to be selected after a strict quality assessment. This ensures every vacation home the exclusivity, exposure, and attention it deserves.

Your second home is a valuable asset: Your second home need not be a dead investment. Being a part of ménage getaways network opens the doors to making it a profitable venture by a revenue share arrangement. An aesthetically built 3-4 bedroom cottage can easily fetch a return of 60-70K per month even on a modest 50% occupancy in a year. Good news is that you will continue to use it as your vacation home under Personal Stay Policy.

Stress free branding and maintenance: Operations like daily maintenance, landscaping, general property upkeep, security and day to day management will be taken care of as per professional standards. This would mean zero botheration and freedom from managing the daily operations at zero operational cost to be incurred by you. GV team would manage your property in a manner that is both transparent and comfortable for you.

You have put in your time, money, and love in building your holiday home. Now sit back and enjoy the payback coupled with hassle-free branding and smooth maintenance.